Maternity Portraits

Capture a very special time for you and your baby

Maternity portraits are a wonderful way to record a unique moment, a moment that you’ll want to remember forever. Insure those memories with a professional portrait session of you and your priceless little passenger. You’re welcome to involve others in your bump shoot, your husband, partner, and children. We keep a variety of props, but I would encourage you to bring along your own bits and bobs so your portrait session is truly unique and personal to you. Check out our maternity ‘bump’ gallery for ideas, and read our tips and advice below. To book your maternity portrait session, please call 01202 513535

‘Bump & Baby’ Portrait Package

Our ‘Bump and Baby’ maternity portrait package is fantastic value at only £150.00. You first visit the studio for your professional maternity portrait session. When baby’s arrived you’ll return for your professional baby portrait session.You then choose three images (two bump photos and one baby photo) to be mounted into a beautiful Linen Portfolio.

‘Bump & Baby’ Portrait Package only £150.00  save £55 – now only £95

bump and baby photo package 2


two portrait sessions, three hand-printed portraits & A lovely Linen Portfolio 

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Portrait Sessions

If the ‘Bump & Baby package doesn’t suit your needs, and you’d prefer just a portrait session with the flexibility to decide what prints you’d like later, then ‘session only’ is for you.

Studio Portrait Session only £70.00  save £35 – now only £35

Location Portrait Session only £95.00

Sunday, Bank Hols & Evenings + £25.00

Session prices cover studio time and equipment, professional editing of all your images, preparation of your proofs and a private viewing in the studio. Location portrait sessions are available anywhere within a 30 mile radius of the studio, and there’s an additional charge of 12p per mile (round trip from the studio) plus any parking charges. If you’d like a location outside the 30 mile radius, please contact me to discuss. Evening charges apply for all portrait sessions after 17:00hrs. Studio is located at BH10 4DZ, use Google Maps to calculate travel.

Tips & advice for your maternity portrait session

WHEN TO BOOK: Obviously we want to work with a large and impressive bump, but at the same time don’t want to gamble too much in case baby makes an early arrival. I’d recommend around 7 -8 months. You can leave it later, but just ask yourself ‘Do I feel lucky?’

CLOTHING: Please don’t wear tight clothing or underwear before your session, as it’ll leave marks on your body that will show in the photos, so keep clothing loose. Simple shades work well in maternity photography, a black top tight over the bump or rolled up to your chest, or maybe white shirt unbuttoned to your chest and exposing bump. If there are areas of your body that you’re sensitive about because of the weight gain, just tell me your concerns and I’ll pose you to hide them. Don’t be too worried about any stretch marks, I can help hide them with professional lighting, posing and digital enhancement. If you’re worried about carrying weight on your arms, wear long sleeves. For the bottom half jeans can look good, I wouldn’t recommend maternity jeans, just a pair of normal jeans with the buttons undone. I have a couple of beautiful maternity gowns designed especially for my maternity portraiture, but if you’d prefer to buy your own and pass it down the generations, I bought mine from

PROPS: Although we keep props in the studio, I want your maternity portrait session to be unique to you, so bring along lots of props that are personal to you and your bump such as scan photos, baby booties, a dummy, baby toys and clothes. These props are great to go in your baby’s memory box, along with a print or two, for your family to enjoy for generations to come. Bring lots and lots of props and we’ll choose the most suitable on the day.

FEEL INCREDIBLE: Something incredible is happening – you’re growing a new life. You’ll soon have your newborn babe cradled in your arms. Enjoy the feeling, be emotional, feel incredible, because you are.

Book now – call 01202 513 535

There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.

Pamela S. Nadav