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Pet Portraits

Cat and Dog Photography

All creatures great and small are welcome in our studio. For cat portraits and dog photography call the studio on 01202 513 535

Cat and dog photography in the studio Some animals may find the studio environment intimidating or not be comfortable travelling. If you think your pet may be like this, then it may be wise to meet at an outdoor location. If you keep larger animals such as horses then location is the only option.  Call us on  01202 513 535 to discuss.

Dog Photography Advice

  • Stay calm and relaxed, dogs will pick up if you’re stressed and will pick become anxious
  • Give dogs a good walk before the shoot so they’re not too boisterous
  • Bring any favourite treats and squeaky toys, etc.
  • Bathe and groom your pooch just before the shoot
  • Dog outfits can add to the fun

Cat Photography Advice

  • Stay calm, cats know if you’re anxious and will become stressed
  • Cats are free spirits, a lot of time and patience is required
  • Bring along toys, props and favourite treats
  • If your cat’s not a good traveller, book the shoot at your own home

Book your pet photography portraits now – call 01202 513 535