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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

People may want portrait photography for many different reasons, but ultimately everybody wants the same thing… memories

In years to come your photos will renew your memories of the important moments in your life; your wedding day; the birth of your children. Emotion is the vital element of any photograph, and in years to come I want your portraits to bring back those emtions. It’s an honour to have been tusted with peoples irreplacable memories for nearly 30 years. Baby’s I photographed at the start of my career now have children of their own.

Baby & toddler photography, family portraits, pet photography, passport photos, whatever you need, just give me a call on 01202 513 535 or email me now.

What happens at a Portrait Session?

Your Portrait Session will last about 45 minutes, please let me know if you’ll need longer. Parking is available on the studio forecourt, in the bay marked ‘Reserved Parking 24 hrs’. A small changing room is available so bring any outfit changes with you. After you session, we’ll book your appointment to come back and view all your lovely portraits.

Viewing your Portrait Photos

At your viewing you’ll be treated to a lovely slideshow of photos and wall portraits. You then choose which images you’d like, and how you’d like to display them. It’s best not to bring young children to the viewing, they become bored and restless. You’ll be asked to pay for your portraits when ordering so please don’t forget your wallet. Only one viewing is included in your session fee, so bring everyone interested in purchasing the portraits. Additional viewings or online galleries cost £50.00.

Studio Portrait Session only £70.00

Location Portrait Session only £95.00

Sunday, Bank Hols & Evenings + £25.00

Session price covers studio time and equipment, editing of all your images and your private viewing. Location portrait sessions are available anywhere within a 30 mile radius of the studio, at a charge of 50p per mile (round trip from the studio) plus any parking fees. If you’d like a location outside the 30 mile radius, please contact me to discuss. Evening charges apply for all portrait sessions after 17:00hrs. Studio is located at BH10 4DZ, use Google Maps to calculate travel.

Book your portrait session now – call 01202 513 535

Danté HaworthThis is a photo of my son, Danté. It was taken half an hour after he was born. He’s our first child, 26 weeks into the pregnancy there were complications and my wife and I thought we’d lost him, but we were lucky. 13 weeks later, and after 3 days of hard labour, my wife was rushed for an emergency cesarean. While the doctor took care of my wife, Danté and I were left alone together, both feeling somewhat tired and emotional.

I’ll never forget the unusual combination of feelings; joy and fear, relief and ecstasy. He was so tiny I was scared to hold him, but once he was in my arms I didn’t want to put him down. This photo of Danté may bring a smile to your face, but it doesn’t really mean anything to you. To me, it means the world. That’s the beauty and the power of photography.

Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures

Don McCullin

Book your portrait session now – call 01202 513 535

Portrait Guidelines


In portrait photography everyone should try to dress in a similar style and colour. If one person in the group wears a bright red top then the eye is instantly drawn to this dominant colour. For babies & toddlers, you must schedule your session around them, a screaming baby doesn’t photograph well.

CLOTHING for portrait photography

Bright colours can work on children, but not so well with adults. Stay away from large logos and bold patterns, they can look very distracting in the finished photograph. Dark colours have a slimming effect, light clothing can exaggerate size, if you feel self-conscious about your arms then long sleeves work best. Feel free to bring a few outfits to vary the style, relaxed & casual, formal & dressy.  Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Wearing your ‘Sunday Best’ for portrait photography may seem like a great idea, but ask yourself how comfy and relaxed will you feel?

We have a small changing room, and you can make as many wardrobes changes as time permits. Please be aware of the small details, remove watches or jewellery you don’t want in the photos, bring a comb, have a shave, look at yourself in the mirror and consider how you want to look in the photos. You’re welcome to bring along make-up, hair accessories, etc. to change your look and style during the shoot.

BABY & TODDLER portraits

Book your portrait photography session for a time when your baby will be happiest. Bring along lots of outfits in different colours and styles, and dress them in the studio in case of accidents en route. Bring baby’s favourite toys, and any other props you think may work. If children have scratches or bruises I may be able to remove these digitally, but call first to discuss. Feel free to bring rewards for good behaviour, but PLEASE only give these at the end of the shoot.

PET portrait photography

We are happy to include your pets in your family portrait photos. If you want to bring your dog, take it for a long walk just prior to the shoot. Be warned, including the family petmay seem like a good idea, but it takes animals time to become accustomed to the studio environment. If there’s children in the group, it may be best to leave the pets at home. You can treat them to their very own portrait session on another day. House trained animals only please.

It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.

Paul Caponigro