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Covid 19 – Lockdown & Reopening

Covid 19 – Lockdown & Reopening

I hope you and your loved ones all stayed safe and well during the recent lockdown.

It’s been a fraught time for many, especially the elderly and infirm, so I hope things are improving for you all. My son had a nasty cough in March, so my family and I self-isolated for 14 days, returning to the outside world just as lockdown began. Since then I’ve pretty much been twiddling my thumbs for 2 months, although that did give me plenty time to give the studio a lick of paint (and no excuse not to).

The good news is that the studio has finally reopened, although we can only allow one customer/family group in at a time. Since reopening yesterday, we’ve had a number of customers in wanting passport photos, and a gentleman needing headshots for his new website. Not the most creative or demanding work, but it’s great to be back, meeting new people and feeling of some (limited) use to society again. I’d like to reassure everyone, we’re socially distancing, have hand sanitisers, and whenever appropriate I wear a mask. We have a new card terminal, so contacless payments are fine, but I’m happy to accept cash if you prefer (the correct money is always helpful).

With social distancing in mind, and for the many people who are still confined to home, I now offer eGift Cards:

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of Covid 19, and we can all soon return to some form of normality as soon as possible. Until then I wish you all good health and happiness 🙂

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