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Digital Passport Photos

Digital Passport Photos

Do you need digital passport photos for your online passport application? Applying for your passport online is quick, simple and cheaper than a paper application.

Many people use a digital passport photo booth, but why use an uncomfortable little photo booth? They’re cheap, yes, but they’re certainly not cheerful, sowhen your passport photo finally appear you look like you haven’t slept for a month.

There is another way. Visit our photo studio with forecourt parking and a comfortable reception. Have your passport photo taken in a modern portrait studio by a professional photographer. Have your digital passport photo edited by hand to ensure they meet all the strict official requirements. We also guarantee a free re-shoot in the unlikely event you encounter problems.

UK Digital Passport Photos

For British Digital Passport Photos we can either email you the digital photo file (for you to upload) or a simple code you can input during your UK online passport application (see example below).

digital passport photos

Example of a digital passport photo code

Non-UK Digital Passport Photos

For a Non-UK Digital Passport Photo we provide you with the digital photo file for you to upload on your country’s passport application website. We can provide visa and passport photos for any country, including US Passport & Visa Photos, Indian Passport & Visa Photos, Canadian Passport Photos, etc.

Digital Passport Photo Prices

  • UK Digital Passport Photos – only £13.99 per person
  • Add a set of 4 passport photo prints – only £5.99 per set
  • Non-UK Digital Passport Photos – only £14.99 per person
  • Add a set of non-UK passport photo prints – £5.99 per set

To book your digital passport photos, call us now

Please note, digital passport photos are not suitable for baby or child passport applications. Children under 16 years need to apply for a passport using the paper application method. Click here for more info on baby and child passport photos, and here for info on UK child passport applications.