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Wedding photography at Came House

Wedding photography at Came House

I was very much looking forward to Katrina & Sam’s wedding photography at Came House.

This fine old house, built in 1857 in the Palladian style, boasts elegant gardens & a wonderful cast iron conservatory. I first visited Came House in the Spring, 6 months or so ahead of the wedding day. I was keen to check out the photo opportunities available & wanted to see the direction of light. Kat & Sam’s big day was to be the first wedding at Came House, so there was a great deal of refurbishment taking place. The back lawn had been excavated and the place resembled a building site more than a wedding venue. I was therefore excited to return and see the results of all this hard work.

Getting Ready

On the morning of the wedding I arrived early. Their efforts had paid off handsomely, the gardens looked fantastic and so I was a happy photographer. I was also very happy to run into Melanie of Bellissimo Weddings, who are now running the show on behalf of Came House. I’ve known Mel for years and we’ve worked together on many occasions. You can always be sure, when Mel’s in attendance the day will run smoothly. She’s one of the most hard working people I know, with an unwavering attention to detail.

I found the girls running around upstairs. It was a hive of activity, organised and yet chaotic. I captured a few candid images of ladies being pampered, and dresses hung ready for action. I also photographed the flowers, they were gorgeous, very delicate and understated. When I’d captured what I needed I jumped in the car for the short journey to Piddlehinton, the church of St Mary the Virgin, and the main event.

The wedding Ceremony

There’s been a church at Piddlehinton since 1299, of the original building only the west arch under the tower remains. The current church was rebuilt in the 15th century, and it’s a truly fabulous venue for a wedding. The guests arrived in number, mingling and chatting with our nervous groom Sam. Next to arrive were the bridesmaids, followed shortly after by Katrina and her Dad. She looked amazing, Sam’s a lucky lad. I met the vicar who was great, he gave me permission to shoot from the choir stalls (a rare privilege at an C of E church). He didn’t even scold me when I stole his chair during the service, what a lovely fella. Kat & Sam said their ‘I will’s”, crossed the t’s, dotted the i’s, and were therefore man and wife. After a short photo shoot around the village we headed back to Came House.

came house

When Kat & Sam arrived at Came House their guests were waiting to greet them. One four-legged guest was especially keen to say Hi. Kat & Sam were delighted to discover their totally nuts canine lovely little dog in attendance. Everybody relocated to the rear gardens, to socialise and enjoy drinks. We took a few group photos before Sam and his best man gave their speeches, both of which were warmly received.  The guests soaked up the atmosphere, soaked up the glorious sunny weather and soaked up even more alcohol.

quiet time

I took the bride and groom off for a walk around the gardens, and photographed them enjoying some quiet time together. Sam is a professional landscape gardener, and a big tree lover. He was therefore keen to have photos taken under the branches of a very unique tree. A short walk from the main house there’s a magnificent weeping beech tree, Fagus sylvatica pendula for anyone of a nerdy persuasion. It was enchanting being under the low hanging branches, and we captured some wonderful, intimate images. We then ventured up to the high ground and enjoyed handsome views of the lovely Came House.

The Meal & Evening Do

Food was served in the two adjacent dining rooms, both spectacularly decorated. I was fortunate enough to have a main course, and I have to say it was delicious (I love my job). The bride’s father made an amusing and very heartfelt speech, and once the cake was cut that signaled the end of the meal. The well fed & content guests relaxed a while in the gardens, before the band kicked off the evening celebrations.

Sam was a somewhat reluctant ‘first dancer’ having obviously studied at the same ballet school as myself. He managed however, not to trip over his newly acquired wife, and as I slipped off into the darkness everyone was up on the dance floor enjoying the music. It was a really great day, and Came House must be delighted at how smoothly their first wedding went. To be fair, when you’ve got Mel from Bellissimo Weddings on the case, what can go wrong? 🙂

To conclude, I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding photography at Came House and at Piddlehinton Church. My next opportunity to work at either venue can’t come soon enough. This part of Dorset is a very special part of the world, beautiful rolling hills, beautiful woodlands and beautiful people. If you’re planning a wedding in this corner of Dorset do bear me in mind. Take a look at my wedding packages and prices, and if you like what you see then please do get in touch.

Regards John, Columbia Photography

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