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Wedding Photo Booth Photography

Wedding Photo Booth Photography

Wedding photo booth photography at your wedding?

Thinking of having a wedding photo booth at your evening reception?

While many people opt for an automated photobooth machine, this does have its limitations. It’s slow and the prints are small and poor quality. A photo booth is also small, therefore there’s a limit to how many people can fit in. So what’s the alternative I hear you cry. Well I can set up a small photo-studio, with professional lighting and a large backdrop (and a bucket-load of props). We can therefore include larger groups, and your photos are captured by a professional photographer. Your wedding photobooth photo studio is manned by a professional, so top quality images are guaranteed. Your photographer will pose and also entertain your guests whilst producing your high-quality photographs.

If you’ve hired us at your wedding photographer then even better, you’ll get a bit of a discount. Why hire a separate wedding photobooth when your wedding photographer can do it, and do it better. Better quality photos, better fun of your family and friends, better service? The photobooth photo-studio is always a huge hit with guests, especially after a few drinks have been consumed.

The gallery below has photos from Laura & Stefan’s wedding. Laura is the wedding coordinator at Athelhampton House. She’s seen a photobooth or two, and know’s my work from close hand. Laura was keen to have me at her wedding and I was delighted to help. They had a beautiful big marquee at Laura’s family home, a picturesque farm in the Dorset hills. We had lots of space to work with, and tons of hay bales for seating. All the guests commented on how much fun it was, and also loved the ability to download their photos after the wedding.

If you’re interested in having photo booth wedding photography at your big day, please just fill out the contact form