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Sherborne Abbey Wedding Photographer

Sherborne Abbey Wedding Photographer

Sherborne Abbey wedding photographer

Louise & Ed kindly asked me to be their Sherborne Abbey wedding photographer. This impressive building, known locally as the ‘Cathedral of Dorset’, is a wonderful country wedding venue. The day started off wet, in fact it started very, very wet. Torrential rain greeted the arriving guests who rushed into the Abbey. As the bride arrived the downpour increased, and she darted through rain under a blanket of umbrellas. Thankfully that was the worst of the weather, and on leaving the abbey we were greeted by the warm glow of sunshine. Another fickle Summer day, from deluge to brilliant sunshine in the space of an hour.

Wedding Reception

The reception was held at a nearby cider apple orchard (owned by the bride’s family) and so the fun & games began. We were now being treated to beautiful Summer sunshine, interrupted by the occasional brief but heavy downpour. This only added to the excitement of the day, with laughter and a manic rush for the marquee greeting each shower. The drinks flowed and there was entertainment aplenty. We took a few family photos and grabbed a group shot of everybody just before another brief deluge interrupted play. When the sun was shining again, I took a wander with the Ed & Louise. I captured a few photos of the happy couple taking a bit of time together, peacefully strolling through the beautiful orchard. Once the photos were taken, Ed & Louise enjoyed some time alone, away from the wedding hustle and bustle.

So onto the dinner, speeches and dancing in the elegantly decorated marquee. After a long and enjoyable day I slipped away into the darkness, leaving the dancing and gaiety to continue late into the night. I look forward to another opportunity as a Sherborne Abbey wedding photographer. If you’re getting married at this wonderful venue please either call us  or contact us online for a quick chat.

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