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Family Portrait Advice & Clothing Tips

Family Portrait Advice & Clothing Tips

Family Portrait Advice

To get the most from your family portrait session takes a little thought and planning. The family portrait advice below will offer you a few pointers. Any questions, or if you’d like to discuss your ideas, call 01202 513 535


Everyone should try to dress in a similar style and colour. If only one person wears a bright red top then the eye is instantly drawn to this dominant colour.  If there’s a baby or toddler in the group, you must schedule your session around them. A screaming baby or tantrum throwing toddler doesn’t put the parents or help anyone relax


Bright colours can work for children, but not so well with adults. Stay away from large logos and bold patterns, they’re distracting. Dark colours have a slimming effect, light clothing can exaggerate size. If you feel self-conscious about your arms then please wear long sleeves. Bring a few outfits to vary the style, relaxed & casual, formal & dressy. Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Wearing your ‘Sunday Best’ may seem like a great idea but ask yourself how comfy and relaxed will you feel in it? We have a small changing room, and you can make as many wardrobe changes as time permits.


Be aware of the small details, remove watches or jewellery you don’t want in the photos. Pack a comb, have a shave, look in the mirror and consider how you want to look in the photos. You’re welcome to bring scarves, hats, hair accessories, etc. to change your look and style during the shoot.


Book your photography session for a time when your baby will be at his/her happiest. Bring plenty of outfits in different colours and styles, and dress baby when you arrive in the studio. Favourite toys and other props can work well with toddlers. Music can get the little ones smiling so bring a few tunes. If children have scratches or bruises, I may be able to remove these digitally. For larger marks, skin complaints, or if your child feels unwell, it’s probably best to reschedule. If any child (or adult) has been sick within 48 hours then please reschedule, think of others who may visit the studio after you.


If your child is susceptible to bribery (let’s face it, who isn’t) then pop a few tasty treats in your bag. Treats are a reward for good behaviour and given at the end of the session, not during your photo taking.


We are happy to include pets in your family photos. If you want to bring Fido along please give him a long walk and a bath just prior to the shoot. Animals can take a long time to settle in the studio, and if there’s children in your group it may be best to leave the pets at home. We offer pet portrait sessions  to concentrate solely on your pet and get better results. House trained pets only please.

Book your portrait session now – call 01202 513 535

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