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Don’t edit on an empty stomach!

Don’t edit on an empty stomach!

I enjoyed an interesting assignment this week, I was asked by the good people at The Martyrs Inn, in Tolpuddle near Dorchester, to photograph their delicious food offerings. They need a few images to spice up their website and brochures, and images to help new staff plate up the food correctly. So off I set on a rainy Friday morning and by the time I reached the pub the sun was shining, a good omen I think.

I recce’d the pub for a good backdrop or two, set up additional lighting, and the food was soon flowing out the kitchen. It looked and smelt delicious, and the nibbles I nicked when nobody was looking tasted lovely. The shoot took about 2 hours, and after a quick drink I headed back to the studio, a busy afternoon was lined up.

Earlier today I started editing the images, and discovered you should never edit food photos on an empty tummy. Viewing a couple of hundred photos of delicious burgers, steaks and other beautiful offerings has left me feeling faint with hunger. Now anyone who’s seen me recently may justifiably argue that my stomach looks far from empty, but I’ve had neither breakfast nor lunch today, and it’s now gone 1:00, so I’ll leave you with a few photos while I slip away and get myself something to eat. Be warned though, if you haven’t eaten today, then viewing these images may cause pangs of hunger.